A Mother’s Blessing, or a Blessing Way, is an intimate gathering for a pregnant woman and her closest female friends and family members, to celebrate her transition into motherhood. Unlike a baby shower, which is often about showering the baby with gifts, a mother’s blessing is about honouring the mother; celebrating her and her journey. It is an opportunity to shower her with love and well wishes, but most importantly nourish her with support that will continue through her fourth trimester. The hope is that, afterwards, your expectant sister will feel held & confident as she heads into her new role.

For more information on what a Mother’s Blessing entails, click here to read my full blog post.

If you would like me to hold the space for you (or a friend or family member who is currently pregnant), we’ll have an initial meeting to discuss what you would like included in your day; we can completely tailor the event to suit you and the group. Often the ceremony will include: a hand-made flower crown for the mama-to-be, beaded necklace created using a bead provided by each guest, the red thread ritual and nature mandala specially created to bless the centre of the circle. I would take care of all the preparations, letting the group know what to bring along and then facilitate on the day, whether it be in your home or another location of your choice*.

Mother Blessing Ceremony – £135

*any venue hire fees not included in the fee (to be arranged separately)


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