the postnatal recovery plan is a blueprint for a nurturing postpartum.

Sophie Messager

The key to ensuring a smooth transition into parenthood is being prepared for what to expect and how best to support yourself as you navigate your new role. 

Having worked in the homes of many families during their innate postpartum, I understand the needs of a new mother and how best to support her healing journey. 

Just like your baby, you are a newborn mother and you deserve that time to rest and transition gently. 

I offer a 2 hour preparation workshop where we delve into the changes you’ll be going through after your baby is born and the rawness of what is to come. I will share tips and resources to best prepare you and assist you in putting the best support in place. 

We will cover:

  • The five pillars to postpartum wellness
  • The importance of skin-to-skin
  • Building your baby’s microbiome
  • Feeding Preparation
  • Newborn sleep & what to expect
  • How to incorporate essential oils into your healing journey

You will also have access to my postpartum preparation guide and I will be on hand to answer questions or hold space for any apprehensions you are feeling around your fourth trimester.

2 hour workshop – £60