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Exploring your options and reaching out for support will give you more choice and power over the outcome of your birth.

I work with women and families to prepare for birth, whether that be through standalone preparation sessions or an ongoing birth support package. For more information check out my Services Page.


In the UK, only 15% of women benefit from continuity of care despite this being proven to drastically improve your experience. A doula will provide you with emotional, physical and informational support throughout your journey to parenthood and advocate for you in the birth room, helping you to feel at ease and lowering your chances of intervention. Having the support of a doula is linked to many mental and physical benefits, including:

Increasing your chances of a shorter labour
Reducing your chances of induction
Lowering the risk of a cesarean birth by 39%
Reducing your need for pain relief and medication
Lowering risk of instrumental birth
Minimising the chances of postnatal depression
Increasing chances of successfully establishing breastfeeding

I offer a wealth of knowledge and will support you in making choices around your pregnancy, birth and fourth trimester.

All doulas are different and choosing the right doula for you is so important; it’s all about connection.

I offer a free 30 minute consultation to discuss in more depth what support may look like for you.


My name is Sophia; mother, partner, daughter, sister and friend behind The Intuitive Doula. I live in East Bristol with my partner of 15 years and two beautifully, strong-willed daughters. I am fascinated by women’s cycles and the power of our hormones.

My passion for pregnancy, birth and the fourth trimester began during my first pregnancy, when I absorbed myself in learning about and trusting in the physiology of birth. I welcomed birth, I felt capable and empowered. My first labour took place in water at the hospital and my second was an unassisted home birth – both were equally intuitive and empowering. I strongly believe this is down to the preparation that I did during my pregnancy; relishing in the changes my body was going through, reading and listening to anything that had a gentle approach to birth, connecting with others through forums and online groups, and nourishing myself with ongoing prenatal yoga.

Hiring a postnatal doula for placenta remedies during both of my fourth trimesters, sparked my interest in this role. I felt I could use my passion, knowledge and understanding to support other women in achieving the birth they desire. I believe whole heartedly that we have an amazing gift of giving life. We should be respected and emotionally supported through all the choices we make during this poignant time of our lives.

I am passionate about informed choice and standing up for your birthing rights. When working with you I’ll share evidence-based information, help you fully prepare for birth and advocate for you when the time comes. 

I completed my training with Nurturing Birth in 2020 and feel grateful to be a part of this wonderful community. Please take a look around to learn more about me and the services that I provide.


You have such a desire to know everything you can so you can support and feel prepared to support no matter what comes up for you with a client. This, for me, shows such a sense of determination to be able to provide information and empower women in whatever capacity is needed. You have such an insane amount of passion and energy – two children and still raring to go is literally amazing to me. Any client will be so lucky to have you as they’ll have found an incredible resource and someone who will give them all the options they need to make the right choices for them.”

“A woman with a wealth of experience, very clear and concise when talking with the group or raising a question.”

“I’d feel lucky to have you as my doula, you are so genuine in your approach.”

(Kind words from my doula colleagues)